Mapping Realworld Objects as Game Controllers

Overview of the system

This project was done with Adam Rao and Nikki Chen . In this fun side project, we designed a set of real-world object based controllers for an online game called “Overcooked”. The goal of the game is to prepare delicious meals as quickly as possible. The main game controls include motion controlled by the arrow keys, a pickup/put down/pour action controlled by the space bar, and a cut vegetables control controlled by the ctrl key. Our controller redesign included the use of six Adafruit Round Force-Sensitive Resistor (FSR) sensors, the Adafruit 335 Triple-Axis Accelerometer, HC-SR04 an ultrasonic distance sensor and some switches for pausing the game, switching chefs and calibration. Lasercut chop board instrumented with force sensors. Chopping on the board with the knife enables the chop action. Movement control was mapped to force sensors in a slipper. i.e. leaning forward would make the game character to move forward and similarly in other directions. A laser-cut milk carton is used to pick/place objects in the game. Tilting this performs the pour action. This is instrumented with a ultrasonic distance sensor and an accelerometer



Picking up and Chopping


Sample Gameplay