AR Mediated Human-Drone Interaction

Using Hololens to control Crazyflie drones

Authoring paths of Drone simulation ahead of time

Simulated Drone in a collocated space

In this exploration, we investigated the problem of navigation with drones in a shared environment. There have been few researches that have contributed to a similar space, However, most of these research rely only on the drone’s side to autonomously navigate, and for most part treat humans as just another obstacle. In an environment where humans and drones are co-located it is important, not only for drones to work around humans but also for humans to work around drones. In this project, the approach taken is to enable humans to interact with drone in 3D space using Head Mounted Display like the Hololens. It has been shown that, while interacting with drones, people give some kind of an animate representation to the drone, i.e treat it as a person, or even a pet. An implication of this is that, in a co-located space people perceive drones as a separate individual entity having its own goals and actions that would lead to its goals. Hence, this leads us to believe that we could expect a difference in behavior of humans when they are able to have AR-mediated Interaction with drones. The key insight of the project is to analyze how this affects human behaviour in interacting and controlling drones. The full results can be found in the pdf below.

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