Voice User Interfaces

Voice user Interface for Mobile Apps - bRecipe, myMood

bRecipe app

bRecipe is an Alexa enabled application for managing recipes and accessing them via a webapp as well as the VUI amazon Alexa. This enablesin providing provide voice-retrievable recipes storages services to various users. This application contains both web interface and voice interface. People can search and add different recipes as well as their ingredients on the web interface. The web application developed for this Programming assignment is a responsive one and can be accessed from both mobile devices as well as desktop applications. The users can use Amazon Alexa voice interface to retrieve ingredient lists, direction steps of a certain food.

Sample Interactions - Voice App

myMood app

Data, data, data. The term is ubiquitous nowadays, and the public is bombarded with stories of government agencies amassing sensitive data or of big corporations wielding huge datasets to their benefit. It’s everywhere, even in the realm of sharing our emotions. Today’s media saturation affords us greater ease and transparency of emoting, but it comes at the cost of privacy. We want to share our emotions in the midst of our busy lives while harnessing the power of technology to gain insight from our private data.

MyMood offers an accessible, personable interface to record emotions and provides an accompanying log and stats. Through Alexa, users can quickly note their mood and the activity they have done, whenever convenient. MyMood gives appropriate feedback through encouragement, quotes, congratulations, and more. Test users enjoy this level of engagement, which VUI is well equipped to serve when they are recording something as personal as their feelings. Later, users can access all their entries sorted in various ways, complete with visualizations in GUI or stats in VUI, to get a wide range of views into their moods. This projects uses Amazon DynamoDB for database storage.

GUI interactions

Adding entries in the VUI

Accessing a particular day entry VUI

Accessing stats in the VUI

More details about the design process, Website design, Alexa app design can be found in the document below.

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