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Intelligent transportation systems

Prakash Rajendran, Bala Kumaravel, Manivannan P.V.


This work presents analgorithm for dynamic node addition and deletion for communication of the information
between fixed road side units (RSUs) and moving vehicles in an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The vehicle navigation is controlled by the RSUs based on position information received by the vehicle nodes. The AODV communication protocol is used for message transfer between the individual nodes and RSUs. The algorithm’s performance has been verified and optimized using simulation with the Network Simulation-2 (NS-2) software. The whole system has been experimentally validated through a laboratory scale setup design using Arduino Uno controller
boards and Xbee communication modules. The tracking of the moving nodes has been implemented through a motion capture system using web camera and an Image processing algorithm developed using OpenCV.


More details can be found here .

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